ASA Welcomes the staff of Dynamic Wrestling of Raleigh to our facility in Western Wake County. PreSeason High School and Youth programs are currently underway!


Winter Wrestling Begins November 1st!


ASA Wrestling Club encourages youth to try the challenging sport of wrestling. Many of our wrestlers are brand new to the sport, while others have won championships in the South. Working closely with area High Schools and other Wake County programs, we seek to teach the sport to any athlete willing to be challenged! If an athlete can make it on the mat, parents often notice improvements in other aspects of life--athletic, academic and social. The wrestling mat demands athleticism, discipline, and respect for self and opponent.

Accept the challenge! Join the Apex Sports Authority Wrestling Club and develop strength of body and strength of character.

Ready, wrestle!!

Please contact us with any questions about our upcoming season, which begins
November 1st.

ASA Wrestling Commissioner
(919) 249-6660



Wrestling dates back to the 5th century BC. It is a contact sport in which one contestant competes with another using various holds and techniques in an attempt to force the shoulders of the opponent against a mat, thus scoring a fall and winning the match. If a wrestler cannot score a fall within the time limit, a winner is determined based on a point-scoring system.



2012-13 Wrestling Season Registration Form

2012-13 Wrestling Season Waiver Form

2012-13 Wrestling Season Physical Form


On-line Registration is now open! We will also conduct live registrations on upcoming weekends. Watch for details.



To prepare athletes for the challenge of High School Wrestling in North Carolina, ASA and its coaching staff are dedicated to educating athletes. As a program, we strive to develop life-long, character building skills for young adults and children in leadership, confidence, perseverance, self-discipline, and team work through the challenging sport of wrestling.



  • Physical in 2012 (to be submitted at registration)
  • Wrestling head gear (not included but available for purchase)
  • Wrestling shoes (not included but available for purchase)
  • Mouth-guard for Wrestlers with braces (not included)


(919) 249-6660