Player Expectations and Team Rules

Participation on Apex Cougars is a privilege that should elicit great pride in both the athletes and their family. It is also a responsibility that demands extra commitment once they decide to wear the Apex colors and represent their teammates, coaches, school, and community. Standards of behavior are high, and a willingness to live up to them is part of being a member of a team. For this reason, each athletic team member is required to sign this statement of personal commitment indicating he and his parents recognize and understand their responsibility and are willing to adhere to the basic concepts of good citizenship, proper training regulations, and to serve as a positive role model.
Listed below are the basic training rules and some examples of behavior that will be considered to violate the athletic oath:
Examples of improper behavior:
  • Poor grades in school and not completing homework.
  • If you don't practice, you don't play. All excused absences must be coordinated with the coaches. We have a minimum play rule. However, if you don't make an effort to attend practices, we as coaches are not required to play you.
  • Disrespecting coaches. Back talking, profanity, or any form of disrespect.
  • Disrespecting other teammates or our opponents.
  • Talking while instructions are being given and goofing off during drills.
Basic Rule: Never do anything that will bring embarrassment or an unfavorable view to your teammates, coaches, family, school, or community.
Penalty: Abuse brings restrictions. A penalty may vary from a minimum playing time to permanent restriction for that season.