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Where your children can experience a fantastic 2014 sporting season with Football, Cheerleading, and Dance.

Apex Sports Authority emphasizes the participation of team sports to help foster strong minds and bodies, team spirit, and recognition for academic achievement. Phone/Fax: 919-249-6660

Football & Cheer/Dance News

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ASA Football, Cheer, and Dance On-line Registration for the 2014 Fall Season is closed!

On-line Registration for the Fall 2015 Season will open on April 1st, 2015.

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Last Football Equipment Turn-in Date!

  • Wednesday Nov. 24 (5:45pm-7:00pm)

Note: This is the last equipment turn-in date.  If you have equipment to turn in and cannot make this date, please contact Mark or Bob at Football@ASAYouthSports.com for a time and place to turn it in.

Please turn in helmet, shoulder pads, game/practice pants, and 7 piece pad set (if not integrated in pants).  Make sure all equipment is clean.

Location: Norris Park (910 S. Hughes St. in Apex)

Due to the excessive hot weather, all football and cheerleading practices for Tuesday (9/2) have been cancelled!

Due to the heavy rain, all football practices for Monday (9/8) have been cancelled!

ASA will be hosting a Challenger Game at 10am. Please come out and suppost these athletes. Click here for Challenger Game info.
2014 ASA Cougars Game Schedule Week #8 (10/18)   
      Time                             Teams/Location
  9:00am   Flag Black at W. Millbrook MS vs N. Raleigh
  9:00am   TM Black at West Lake MS vs. S. Johnston
  10:15am   MM White at West Lake MS vs. WF Lightning
  1:00pm   JPW Black at West Lake MS vs. Apex Green
  1:00pm   JPW Green at West Lake MS vs. Apex Black
  11:30am   JPW White at West Lake MS vs. FVAA Orange
  2:30pm   PW Gold at Cleveland HS vs. Cleveland
  1:15pm   PW Green at Wakefield HS vs. WF Storm
  6:00pm   JM Green at Wilder's Grove vs. Wilder's Grove

All home games are played at:

  West Lake Middle School
  4600 West Lake Road, Apex, NC 27539
  (Parking in front of the middle school only!)


Lacrosse News

Cougar Select is now Red Devil United

Click here for the Red Deveil United website.

ASA Lacrosse

 ASA Lacrosse is now Carolina Youth Lacrosse Association

Click here for the Carolina Youth Lacrosse Association website.

Wrestling News

ASA is no longer offering a wrestling program.

Please visit Dynamic Sports Group for available wrestling programs.